The Paralysis Of Anxiety

Anxiety is rampant in today’s world where the stress of life can become too overwhelming to bear. Helping clients learn how to cope with anxiety, apart from harmful substance abuse, is one way that Broken Wings helps individuals find freedom and joy in sobriety.

Anxiety is the paralysis caused by an overwhelming tide of fear and apprehension that has bled into many, if not all aspects of one’s life.  In our present-day culture where we are more plugged in than ever before stress can have the effect of crushing and individual’s spirit and diminishing the light of hope.

Anxiety has long been noted to be among the most common complaints and problems faced in addiction recovery.  The prospect of learning to cope with a way of life away from substances that one used to cope with life is fraught with ANXIETY.  Proper treatment of substance use disorders must address this debilitating illness. We at Broken Wings commit to forming lasting and meaningful relationships with all of our clients as they pass through these challenging valleys.

Medically, clients will receive appropriate and indicated medication that is non-narcotic and conducive to recovery.  They will also follow a continuum of care from detox, inpatient, outpatient and aftercare to ensure that they have it within themselves to recover and find joy in their lives.