What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a drug addiction treatment program that gives patients the opportunity to fully focus on recovery. Since this treatment takes place at Broken Wings, patients are removed from the temptations and stressful events they would normally experience in their everyday lives.

Some patients find it difficult to begin their sober journey while still living in their current environment. Broken Wings provides residential treatment programs to those in need of a safe environment to heal. Residential treatment is available to adults only, and men and women are housed in separate wings of the facility so that they can focus on their sobriety without any outside distractions. Our residential services are performed after medical detox, when needed. With a truly custom designed recovery plan, our inpatient facility can help you break the chains of addiction and return to a happy life.

There by using a combination of the 12 Step philosophy, faith-based treatment and evidence-based methods, Broken Wings creates a highly individualized program for every patient that walks in the door. Everyone in the residential program receives one-on-one counseling weekly, as well as a three-hour group session everyone morning and an hour and half session every night, providing at a minimum four and a half hours of group therapy a day. In addition to group sessions, we provide educational group classes that delve into such topics as the disease that is addiction, all the complications that can arise from addiction, and relapse prevention.

The road to recovery is a long and delicate one, and every person’s journey is different. For those patients that either do not require our detox and inpatient programs or for those that have already completed them, our program provides outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) for drug and alcohol addiction. Housed in a completely separate wing of the facility, our outpatient programs provide an alternative to those who are unable to fully immerse themselves in our inpatient program, while still receiving the same high level of care.

A specialized program is created upon intake for each individual that includes nine hours a week of different levels of personalized treatment. These sessions include Person Centered group therapy, individual and family sessions, as well as courses on relapse prevention, an introduction to the 12-Step program, and aftercare planning. This program allows those with jobs, or other obligations to obtain quality addiction treatment while maintaining their everyday life, drug and alcohol free.