Family Therapy

What Is Family Therapy?

Addiction results in a lifestyle that not only negatively affects the individuals involved but also their loved ones. Family therapy creates a space for the entire family to begin rebuilding healthy relationships and start healing from the damage caused by addiction.

Often accompanying those struggling with addiction, it is the family that is also affected with problems arising from the chaotic and damaging lifestyle that is brought on by a loved one’s substance abuse.  Therefore, when the client receives treatment, the family can benefit and play an integral part in the recovery process.  By being involved in their loved one’s care, the family is able to rebuild healthy relationships and establish a necessary understanding of addiction and its damaging impact.  Family members can also learn valuable coping skills which can be significant in the long-term success of their loved one’s recovery from addiction.

Our program includes a number of therapeutic approaches that can help make your family healthy again, including individualized family therapy sessions and educational support for families in a group setting. Besides the obvious benefits that come from therapy, family involvement helps in a number of other ways:

  • It provides our staff with an opportunity to learn about the client’s family.
  • It can facilitate compliance with treatment.
  • It offers the client a chance to hear how the family experiences his or her addiction
  • Family members can learn about behaviors to avoid that may be enabling.
  • Family members can learn about coping strategies.

We have fully licensed family therapists on staff, in addition to other forms of family group programming which include couples counseling, family counseling, and parent-child therapy. Including the family in recovery improves the prognosis of most individuals and our licensed family therapists provide individuals with the very best opportunity for maximizing this aspect of their recovery process.