What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is designed for clients who have completed the inpatient treatment program and need ongoing support as they return to normal life. It is also available to individuals who may not require residential inpatient services but are still in need of resources to help them attain and maintain sobriety.

In continuing the journey of recovery, Broken Wings offers services to clients who graduate our inpatient program that meet the individual challenges faced upon integrating back into daily life, newly sober.

Likewise, clients evaluated that are not in need of inpatient services but whom have untreated substance use disorders and or mental health struggles, may participate in an outpatient program structured to provide education and arm individuals with sound specific tools to aid in removing drugs and/or alcohol from their life.

Licensed counselors provide client specific treatment plans and assignments to navigate the root cause of toxic coping patterns and replace these with with healthy mechanisms of coping.

Sessions length of time and duration are specifically crafted to the individual needs of each client based on thorough assessment and stratification of problem set.