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Not Just Recovery. 
A Look at What We Do.

Broken Wings is a Christian and Alcoholics Anonymous-based addiction recovery facility that focuses on mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Individuals suffering with addiction come from many different backgrounds and experiences. These life challenges have left them scared, with little to no hope. Through mercy, professionalism, and grace, Broken Wings not only promotes hope to achieve new beginnings, but we also equip individuals with lifelong tools that they will need to serve them well in the future.

Addictions We Treat




Treatment plans are specifically and uniquely tailored to each client based on the most pressing needs identified in our evaluation. We primarily treat alcohol, drug and prescription drug addictions; however, this often leads to the need to treat psychiatric co-morbidity and provide interpersonal relationship therapy. At Broken Wings, there will never be a “one size fits all” approach, and everything we do is based on evidence based medicine and our quality assessment from providers that have spent many years in the field of addiction medicine.

We offer residential treatment at all levels of recognized care. This includes group therapy, detoxification if necessary, holistic integration of mental health, spirituality in appropriate measure, and the 12 steps of recovery.