The Disease Of Depression

Depression is a debilitating disease, and it can have a devastating impact on the individuals enduring it and their loved ones. Clients who need treatment for depression will receive screening, and a custom treatment plan will be developed based on the individual’s specific needs.

The Human Spirit.  The Human mind.  Two of the most miraculous features in all creation.  The inspiration of Broken Wings is the fracture of these two wonderful gifts we all possess as seen in Depression.

Depression has been described as Resentment turned inward by astute observers in mental health.  In neurochemical terms, it is known to be a medical emergency whereby our mind is held captive to an injured brain. The treatment of chemical dependency cannot succeed if this co-occurring disease is not addressed.

We here at Broken wings attack this problem with empathy and evidence based proven medication and therapy.  Clients of Broken wings will have screening and appropriate intervention to address this problem that can led to death.  Licensed health care professionals will provide appropriate, non-narcotic medication to scaffold the slow healing process in Depressed individuals.  Licensed therapists will work daily to navigate the choppy waters of recovery from not only depression but chemical use that exacerbates this problem . A guiding light will be provided out of the pit of despair and in this way, Broken wings will be mended for flight once more